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Once you decide to do your invitation, you might thinking what paper should you choose for your invitation? And what is the best? This question is commonly asked by our clients.

There is no right or wrong or best or not good. instead, this is really varies from person to person, and would depends on your situation. The best paper type that you should choose is what suits you the best. And the good news is we have many variations of paper textures to suit your taste.

Choose Yours !!!

Linen Paper

The most affordable options of textured linen paper at a reasonable price in standard
thickness at 200gsm. Comes in white and black colour. The most commonly used in
stationaries printing. Locally made.

Textured Matte Paper

Another affordable options with an embossed finish at a reasonable price with standard
thickness at 200gsm comes in white, ivory, dark blue and red colour.
Locally made.

Stripe Matte Paper

A nice stripes line paper also with an embossed stripe effect
at a reasonable price with standard thickness at 200gm
comes in white and cream colour. Locally made.

Shimmer Paper

A shimmer paper can bring a subtle shimmer to every design due to its luxurious shimmer
that exhibits beauty both visually and tactilely. Comes in a few options of colour.
Locally made at 200gsm.

Smooth Valued Ivory Paper

One of the most favourite paper due to its perfect smooth surfaces which needed for
optimal print quality at 210gsm thickness comes in off white colour. Locally made.
Please be noted that this paper has different type of each side, the front part is smooth and
the back part is glossy.

Premium Metallic Paper

Curious Collection Metallics is a natural wove surface and a palette from deepest black to
pastel shades enhances shimmering metallic lustre, products of Arjowiggins Creative Papers.
This paper are ECF FSC™-certified (FSC™ C018501). Curious metallics comes in many colour
with 300gsm thickness.

Premium Smooth Paper

The Munken papers are high-quality uncoated fine papers by Arctic Paper S.A. They are
environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for companies wishing to convey a genuine
natural impression in their printed material. All Munken standard products are available as
EU Ecolabel, FSC ®  FSC-C020637 and PEFC™ PEFC/05-33-99 certified.
If you prefer a thick, high qualified and sturdy paper material but smooth in surfaces, then
this is the one for you! An upgrade version of the smooth paper comes in off white (ivory)
colour at 250gsm thickness. Locally made.

Premium Textured Matte Paper

MODIGLIANI FELT MARKED is one of products by Gruppo Cordenons is a leading Italian
paper mill producing fine and technical papers. Produced with ECF (Elementary Chlorine
Free) wood-free primary pulp, pulp- tinted. Papers are felt marked on both sides. Excellent
stiffness and folding rigidity. It comes in either white or off white. One of our favourite
premium paper at 260gsm thickness.

Premium Coloured Stripe Paper – MAR Brand

Another options of premium quality of matte paper but in dark coloured. Its sturdy, reliable,
and has a nice sharp colour. Thickness at 280gsm. European made.

Acrylic Material

A beautiful and luxurious options of invitation which also called persxpex with some type
options such as clear, gold, silver, black, white and frosted acrylic.
Thickness variative starting from 2mm until 3mm.
You could have all different colours printed on the acrylic to complete the looks.