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Do you have any office or studio I could visit?

No we don’t. In Nature, we are an online supplier. We only have workshop.

How to contact us?

Monday – Saturday 9.00am – 6pm (Indonesia GMT + 8)
Contact :
Live Chat : to Whatsapp or Live Chat on Website

How could I place my order? Do you do order over the phone?

We only do online order. We don’t do over the phone. Should you have any questions, please contact us via online chat on the website or email or whatsapp.
Our dedicated customer services would be answering your questions within work hours (Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm – Indonesia time).

Where is Vinas based?

Our head office is located in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Are you the same company with Vinas Invitation?

We are under the same management however we are DIFFERENT company, ownership and staff. Therefore, if client go through Paperin, they shouldn’t seek or reach Vinas Invitation for any matters, and vice versa.


What happened after I place the order?

After you placed the order, our dedicated customer services would email you a confirmation of order to verify what you have been submitted and would also send you the design proof then we would proceed to the production step.

How long does the production takes?

We would need 4-6weeks of production time after the design being approved. This would depend on the type of the invitation that you choose.

Do you do custom made?

Paperin don’t do custom made invitation, however our subsidiary company, Vinas Invitation would be pleased to help you. You could direct contact them at

Do you do international order?

Yes we do worldwide order.

What is your payment method?

We do Paypal payment or Direct transfer.

Is that possible to make any changing to my order after I have submitted everything?

You would need to email us immediately however a charge would be applied if your order is already in the production step.


How long would it takes for me to receive the order once you delivery?

Depends on your location but on average for economy freight should takes around 5-7 days.

What is your shipping method options?

We use international courier for worldwide shipment (currently with TNT / FedEx).
Please be informed that TNT only do residential / office address only, no PO Box.

Free worldwide shipping for orders over $250 USD

We will provide a free worldwide shipping to all countries via TNT for all orders over $250 USD and should arrive in 5-7days.

How if there is any local duties, tariffs, taxes or fees payable on my country?

You (client) are fully responsible for this.

Can I Pick up my order?

We are an online supplier and all of the orders will be shipped to client.


Do you do print guest names to my invitation?

No we don’t. But if you need one, we can do in a separated label.
Please check address labelling.


Will the colour of the design and texts on screen the same compared with the one printed?

You would get a roughly idea from the design file of the colour, however there is always a toleration of colour until 80% close. The picture on the screen would normally lighter than the printed paper version.

You are a graphic designer or you got a help with your invitation design and just need a printing service?

NOT A PROBLEM! We accept printing service only.
First, pick the paper or material that you like, then choose the printing type needed including any foiling, embossing etc and email us with the design that you have, then we would quote you the price.